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Where more than one lock is to be opened by more than one person then you can benefit from an ABLOY® master key system.

A master key system is designed specifically to meet your requirements and every lock assembled specially.

Any lock type from the range of ABLOY® locks can be included in your system, from mortice locks to cupboard locks, but all must use the same mechanism e.g. ABLOY® PROTEC.

The purpose of a master key system is to provide convenience, as ideally each key holder will carry only one key whilst maintaining fully the security of the locks. The planning of the system is vital and current and future needs have to be considered at the outset. If there are hundreds or even thousands of locks to be considered this can be a daunting task. However, our professional team of advisors will be pleased to assist you in this process as will our network of fully trained ABLOY Centres.

The planning process will begin with the number and type of locks on the project (plus any known or foreseeable expansion plans). The number, type and level of key holders will then be identified e.g. directors, managers, engineers, cleaners etc. Then if possible, key holders are grouped together (e.g. all engineers) and groups of locks are identified which are to be operated by the same key holders.

This process continues until the requirements of all key holders and all locks have been met and planned on a schematic. Only then can the special assembly of the locks and cutting of the keys begin.

Of course some systems will be simple, involving only a few key holders and locks but even here, careful planning can remove the need to carry large bunches of keys. In fact, whatever your needs, the enormous number of combinations available with ABLOY® disc mechanisms will guarantee that a secure yet easy to use system can be provided.

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